Parenting Toolkit

My Parenting Philosophy

A general outline of what my goals as a parent are and some of the reasonings behind why I parent the way I do. My intention is to provide ideas that will help others be stronger parents and specifically to understand the why

Parenthood & Pregnancy

Transitioning to parenthood and/or pregnancy is stressful no matter your stage in life. New parents or even just those who want to know what to expect will benefit from having a few general guidelines to follow

Infants & Toddlers

Learning to care for infants and toddlers isn't an overnight process. It takes great effort and study to learn how to be good parents to these young children, but the joy these children bring is worth every effort.


Having a preschooler is an exciting time of life, but there are many things parents need to understand in order to be successful during this stage. Learning general strategies will help make the journey a little bit smoother. 

School Age

Transitioning to school is a major step for both children and parents and while it's certainly rewarding, it also presents significant challenges. Active parental involvement is a crucial element to helping children successfully transition.

Adolescence & Emerging Adulthood

Teenagers and young adults seem to bear the brunt of many parenting jokes. Though it's a challenging time for both sides, it doesn't have to be the dread it's often made out to be. This should also be a time of fun and enjoyment

Parenting & the Media

Ideas children learn from the media is something many parents are concerned about. In order to prevent harmful behaviors from evolving, parents need to teach proper media use and protect from inappropriate material.

Parenting & Sexuality

Discussing sexuality is likely the most taboo subject for most parents, especially in the absence of a strong relationship. More than ever, this subject needs to be discussed with children in a positive, productive way. 

Keeping Marriage Healthy

Parenting isn't just hard on parent-child relationships. It can also take many different tolls on a marriage. Spouses have both the blessing and responsibility to love and care for one another even when things get tough

Other Parenting Principles

While the other sections cover most of the major obstacles parents might encounter, there may be situations that don't fall under any of the other categories. This section includes those additional resources for parents.